I-80 Exit 308 Interchange in East Stroudsburg

The I-80 Section 05S project is the reconstruction of the I-80 Exit 308 Interchange in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania also known as the ‘Eastburg Project’. I-80 has an average daily traffic nearly 80,000 vehicles, with 22 percent trucks.

The tremendous growth of the East Stroudsburg community over the last 10 years has significantly increased the traffic flow through the Exit 308 interchange. While it has served the Pocono Medical Center and the state university campus since its creation, the growth of these two institutions coupled with the nearby residential and commercial developments has increased the traffic volumes beyond the capacity of the current infrastructure.

Several interchange alternatives were studied as part of the point of access study and it was concluded that the reconfiguration of the Exit 308 Interchange will include two roundabouts as well as several local street realignments. The project will include:

  • Widening of I-80 from four (4) lanes to six (6) lanes
  • Replacement of the I-80 mainline bridge over Lincoln Avenue and the former DL&W Railroad
  • Reconstruction of the interchange ramps to provide increased acceleration and deceleration lane lengths
  • Replacement of the Prospect Street Bridge to meet current vertical clearance standards over I-80
  • Several retaining walls along I-80 to limit the impact on right-of-way.

The project adds:

  • Roundabouts at ramp termini
  • A new signal at the new T-intersection of Prospect Street SR 2017 and Forge Road/Greentree Drive
  • Signal improvements at Prospect Street and East Brown Street intersection.

The project will improve existing levels of service and overall traffic operations and safety. In addition, new signing, pavement markings, guide rail, and drainage will be provided. The project will be constructed in a staged sequence.